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Dr Prasad V Joshi Assistant Professor
Dr Aatish S Daryapurkar Assistant Professor
Dr Tapan Kumar Jain Assistant Professor
Dr Mukesh Kumar Giluka Assistant Professor
Dr Nidhi Lal Assistant Professor
Dr Ankit A Bhurane Assistant Professor
Dr Anuradha Singh Assistant Professor
Dr Jitendra V Tembhurne Assistant Professor
Dr Milind R Penurkar Assistant Professor
Dr Narasimha Rao Banavathu Assistant Professor


MMSFL-OWFB: A novel class of orthogonal wavelet fi...

Author: Sharma, Manish;Bhurane, Ankit A.;Rajendra Acharya, U.

Vibration analysis of partially cracked plate subm...

Author: Soni, Shashank;Jain, N. K.;Joshi, P. V.

Effect of annealing atmosphere on leakage and diel...

Author: Singh, Vijay;Daryapurkar, Aatish;Rajput, Shailendra S.;Mukherjee, Somdutta;Garg, Ashish;Gupta, Rajeev

An efficient detection of congestive heart failure...

Author: Bhurane, Ankit A.;Sharma, Manish;San-Tan, Ru;Acharya, U. Rajendra

Magnetoelectric properties of microwave sintered B...

Author: Kolte, Jayant;Daryapurkar, A. S.;Agarwal, Mohit;Gulwade, D. D.;Gopalan, P.

Stability and dynamic analysis of partially cracke...

Author: Soni, Shashank;Jain, N. K.;Joshi, P. V.

Effect of crack location on vibration analysis of ...

Author: Gupta, Ankur;Jain, N. K.;Salhotra, R.;Joshi, P. V.

Vibration and deflection analysis of thin cracked ...

Author: Soni, Shashank;Jain, N. K.;Joshi, P. V.

Vector representation of words for sentiment analy...

Author: Sharma, Yash;Agrawal, Gaurav;Jain, Pooja;Kumar, Tapan